A multi- tasker and innovative artist, ClarkAirlines began his career after releasing his first solo project, “Between The Lines” in March of 2012.  With his distinct voice and exceptional ability to bring his lyrics to life by writing, editing and directing his own videos he was destined for success.


Making a bold statement with his self- produced video for the single, Rebel Canon- ClarkAirlines  shocked the blogs by jumping off the roof of a three- story home and proceeding with his conversational flow. Andrew Barber and the staff at FakeShoreDrive.com were so taken by his debut project they listed “Between the Lines” as one of the top mixtapes in Chicago (July 4, 2012).

A brief hiatus had taken ClarkAirlines from the public eye due to his studio being vandalized.  All of his hard drives and computers were stolen during this incident leaving him with nothing.  Bouncing right back and connecting with Kidhustle, his manager, they released his Skyfall project in October of 2013.  Validation soon followed from popular blogs such as Fader, HipHopDX.com, HipHopWired.com, FakeShoreDrive.com and XXLmag.com because of his lyrical ability, keen ear for production and his unique eye behind the camera.  

With the viral success and local notoriety of Skyfall, ClarkAirlines caught the attention of the independent Chicago based label Rich America. After hearing his sound and recognizing his ability to direct and edit his visuals, Rich America then signed Clark as their first rap/hiphop artist on the label. This connection was all that ClarkAirlines needed to again prepare for takeoff. Once the ink dried on the contracts with Rich America he released his current EP, “TrillAir”.  The first single “Options” is receiving national recognition all across the United States on the radio. A couple of freestyle videos have also been released, “Bar Hoppin” and “Swangin” both edited and directed by ClarkAirlines have hit the blog world and increased the interest from several major record labels.